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Index of Engineers and Surveyors

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Abernethy, James - An engineer who played a part in starting the Manchester Ship Canal.

Ainslie, John - Surveyor.

Allam, Samuel - Engineer of Spalding.

Andrew, Mark - River engineer from Knottingley

Aram, John - Surveyed the River Nar

Aris, Joseph - Surveyor

Armstrong, John Colonel, - Chief Engineer of England from 1714 to 1742.

Atkinson, George 1 - Engineer

Atkinson, George 2 - Surveyor

Atkinson, Joseph 1 - Took part in the survey of the River Don in 1722.

Atkinson, Joseph 2 - Appointed engineer of the Barnsley Canal in 1823

Atkyns, Richard - Surveyor

Atwater, Bishop, - Responsible for the cleansing of the Fossdyke in the reign of Henry I.

Austin, James - Surveyor

Baird, Hugh - Engineer who worked on the Crinan, Ulverston and Forth & Clyde canals.

Barber, E S - Engineer of the Monmouthshire Canal

Barnes, James - Engineer.

Bartholomew, Charles - Engineer

Bartholomew, Thomas Hammond - Engineer

Bartholomew, William Hammond - Engineer.

Bayley, William - Engineer of the Exeter Canal.

Baynes, George - A surveyor's assistant working around 1826.

Bean, William - Engineer of Derbyshire.

Beardmore, Nicholas - Engineer and surveyor.

Beauchamp, John - Surveyor of West Penard

Beck, Richard - Surveyor.

Beechey, Captain, - Engineer

Bennet, William - Engineer

Bentley, George - Engineer.

Berry, Henry - Engineer.

Bevan, Benjamin - Engineer.

Bevan, Benjamin, junior - Engineer

Bidder, George Parker - Engineer.

Blackwell, John - Engineer.

Boddington, R - Engineer.

Bolton, Thomas - Surveyor

Bond, W - Surveyor from Axminster.

Booth, John - Engineer.

Bowdler, Astley - Engineer.

Box, John - Surveyor.

Bradford, Henry - Engineer and surveyor.

Bradley, Thomas - Engineer who trained as a joiner in Halifax..

Brassey, William - Engineer.

Brindley, James - Engineer.

Brooks, W A - Engineer of the Tees Navigation Company.

Brown, Nicholas - Engineer.

Brown, Thomas - Engineer.

Bruce, G B - Canal engineer

Bruff, Peter - Engineer.

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - Engineer.

Brunel, Marc Isambard Sir, - Engineer.

Brunton, John - Tramroad engineer.

Brunton, Robert - Tramroad engineer.

Buck, George Watson - Canal engineer.

Buck, Henry - Canal engineer.

Buck, Richard - Surveyor and engineer.

Bull, John - Surveyor.

Bull, Samuel - Engineer.

Bull, William - Canal engineer.

Bullivant, - Surveyor.

Burcham, Charles - Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor.

Burdett, P P - Surveyor.

Burke, Joseph - Engineer.

Burton, Ralph - Surveyor

Carne, John - Engineer.

Carr, junior, Robert - Engineer.

Cartwright, Robert - Surveyor.

Cartwright, Thomas - Engineer of the Worcester & Birmingham from 1791 to 1807.

Cartwright, William - Engineer.

Case, - Engineer who made proposals for improvement to the Nene im 1758.

Castle, Richard - An architect and Irish canal builder between 1731 and 1736.

Chamberlain, John - Surveyor of Chester.

Chapman, William - Engineer.

Chinn, Mr, - Built half, or flash, locks on the river Lug.

Clark, Alexander - Engineer.

Clark, Dudley - Engineer.

Clark, Edwin - Engineer of Clark, Stansfield & Clark, consulting engineers of Westminster.

Clark, H W - Engineer to the Nene Catchment Board.

Clark, John - Surveyor for the River Lee.

Clark, William Tierney - Engineer who worked on canals and suspension bridges.

Clayton, J & H - Surveyors.

Clegram, William - Engineer.

Clegram, William Brown - Engineer.

Clowes, Josiah - Canal engineer

Coad, Robert - Engineer.

Coates, Richard - Engineer.

Cockshutt, James - Engineer.

Congreve, William Sir, - Engineer

Coode, John Sir, - Engineer.

Copeland, John - Engineer.

Cranston, James - Engineer of Hereford.

Crawley, William - Engineer of Mickle Trafford, Cheshire.

Creassy, James - Engineer.

Creer, A - Engineer to the city of York.

Crosley, William, Junior - Engineer who worked on many canals.

Crosley, William, Senior - Surveyor and engineer from Brighouse.

Crossley, John - Clerk to the Ashby Canal from 1807 to 1841.

Crow, Joseph - Surveyor.

Cubitt, William - Canal engineer of the Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal.

Cundy, Nicholas Wilcox - Engineer.

Curr, John - Engineer who introduced the plateway as an improvement to tramways.

Dadford, James - Engineer on the Glouster & Berkeley Canal from 1795 until 1800.

Dadford, John - Engineer. Son of Thomas Dadford senior.

Dadford junior, Thomas - Canal Engineer and surveyor. Son of Thomas Dadford senior.

Dadford senior, Thomas - Canal engineer and surveyor. Father of John and Thomas junior.

Darby, Abraham (the 3rd), - Engineer.

Davidson, Matthew - Engineer who worked with Telford on the Ellesmere and Caledonian canals.

Davidson, Robert - Engineer and General Manager of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Davies, Arthur - Surveyor.

Davies, David - Surveyor.

Davis, Benjamin - Engineer.

Dean, Charles - Surveyor and engineer.

Dean, J - Surveyor.

Denson, Thomas - Engineer.

Denton, E Bailey - Engineer.

Dickenson, Robert - Engineer.

Dickinson, Robert - Surveyor of Gargrave.

Dickinson, Samuel - Surveyor.

Dodd, Barrodall Robert - Surveyor.

Dodd, George - Engineer, Rennine's assistant on the building of Waterloo Bridge.

Dodd, Ralph - Engineer.

Donkin, Bryan - Engineer.

Driver, A & C - Surveyors.

Duncombe, John - Engineer of Oswestry.

Dunderdale, John - Engineer.

Dunn, William - Engineer.

Dunsford, William - Engineer.

Dutens, - French engineer.

Dyson, Thomas - Engineer who worked for the Driffield Navigation and Keyingham Drainage.

Eastburn, Henry - Engineer.

Easton, Alexander - Engineer.

Easton, James - Surveyor.

Easton, John - Surveyor operating in the Taunton area.

Easton, Josiah - Engineer and Land Surveyor of Bradford-on-Tone.

Edgcumbe, John - Engineer.

Edson, Dennis - An engineer who worked on the Chester and Stourbridge Canals.

Edwards, George - An engineer of Lowestoft.

Edwards, Langley - Engineer

Elliott, James - Engineer.

Elmes, James - Engineer.

Elstobb, William - Engineer.

Esterbrook, Thomas - Surveyor.

Evans, John - Engineer.

Eyes, John - Surveyor and map maker.

Fairbank, William II - Surveyor of the Greasbrough (Park Gate) Canal in 1778.

Fairbank, William III - Engineer.

Featherstone, - Surveyor. Full name not known.

Felkin, William - Engineer.

Ferguson, John - Engineer.

Ferrier, Thomas - Engineer.

Filliter, Edward - Consulting engineer of Leeds.

FitzGibbon, Gerald - Engineer.

Fletcher, James - Engineer from Bradford.

Fletcher, Joseph - Engineer.

Fletcher, Samuel - Resident engineer of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal from 1795.

Fletcher, Thomas - Engineer.

Fletcher, William - Engineer.

Fowler, A F - Engineer.

Fowler, John - Engineer.

Fowler, William - Engineer.

Fowls, Samuel - Engineer.

Frost, Robert - Engineer.

Fulton, Hamilton H - Engineer.

Fulton, Robert - Engineer.

Gee, Jonathan - Engineer.

Gibbs, Joseph - Engineer.

Gibson, Thomas - Engineer.

Gilbert, James - Engineer.

Gilbert, John, junior - Carrier and engineer.

Gilbody, Arthur - Engineer.

Giles, Francis John William Thomas - Engineer.

Giles, Netlam - Surveyor.

Gilson, Robert - Surveyor.

Glynn, John, junior - Engineer.

Glynn, John, senior - Engineer.

Gott, John - Engineer.

Grantham, John - An engineer who worked for John Rennie on the Shannon.

Grantham, R B - Engineer.

Gravatt, William - Engineer.

Gray, Thomas - Surveyor to the Exeter corporation.

Green, James - West country canal engineer

Green, James (Birmingham) - Engineer and probably the father of the Westcountry engineer.

Green, James (Woolaton) - Engineer who worked for Lord Middleton at Woolaton.

Green, John - Engineer of Wroxham, Norfolk.

Green, Thomas - Engineer.

Griggs, James, junior - Engineer.

Griggs, James, senior - Engineer.

Grundy, John - Engineer.

Gunnery, John - Engineer.

Gwyn, John - Engineer.

Hadley, John - Engineer.

Hall, Edward - Engineer from the Dartford, Kent, area.

Hall, Matthew - Surveyor.

Hall, Richard - Surveyor.

Hall, Sydney - Engineer who was a pupil of George Edwards of Lowestoft then of William Cubitts.

Hall, W T - Engineer.

Hamnett, Richard - Surveyor from Somerset.

Handley, Charles - Engineer.

Hare, Edward - Engineer.

Harris, John - Engineer.

Hartley, Jesse - Engineer. He was surveyer and engineer of Liverpool Docks.

Hartley, Samuel - Engineer.

Haslehurst, Joseph - Engineer. A colliery engineer who worked at Chesterfield.

Hassard, Richard - Engineer.

Hawkshaw, John Sir, - Engineer.

Hawksley, T & C - Canal engineers

Henshall, Hugh - Engineer and brother-in-law of James Brindley.

Hill, Joseph - Engineer of Romsey. He was bankrupt in 1802.

Hill, Thomas - Engineer.

Hitchins, - Surveyor.

Hodgkinson, Charles - Engineer.

Hodgkinson, John - Engineer.

Hodgkinson, Samuel - Surveyor.

Hodskinson, John - engineer.

Hodskinson, Joseph - Engineer.

Hollinsworth, James - Engineer.

Holt, John - Surveyor.

Holt, Luke - Engineer

Hopkin, Evan - Engineer.

Hopkin, W E - Engineer.

Hopkin, William - Builder of Hopkin's Canal

Hore, John - Engineer.

Howard, Thomas - Engineer of the Bristol Dock company.

Hudson, John - Surveyor.

Humfrey, Charles - Engineer.

Hurd, Richard - Engineer of Cardiff.

Jackson, John - Engineer.

Jacobs, H - Surveyor of Birmingham.

James, William - Surveyor.

Jardine, Mr, - Civil engineer.

Jebb, George R - Engineer.

Jeffries, Mr, - Engineer.

Jenkin, Silvanus W - Engineer.

Jessop, Josias - Engineer.

Jessop, William - Canal Engineer of great repute.

Johnson, John - Engineer.

Jones, George - Engineer with the army and the Salisbury & Southampton Canal.

Jones, Samuel of Boston, - Engineer of Boston.

Jones, Samuel - Engineer.

Keeling, G W - Engineer of the Gloucester & Berkley Canal.

Kiddey, John - Engineer.

King, F - Surveyor.

King, William - Engineer and agent for the Duke of Rutland.

Kingdon, John - Engineer.

Kirkhouse, William - An engineer, first in mining, but later on canals including the Tennent Canal.

Labelye, Charles - Engineer.

Lapidge, Edward - Engineer.

Latrobe, Benjamin Henry - Engineer.

Lawton, John - Engineer.

Leach, Edmund - Surveyor.

Leatham, Isaac - Surveyor.

Leather, George, junior - Engineer.

Leather, George, senior - Engineer.

Leather, John - Engineer. Probably the son of George Leather junior.

Lees, Abraham - Engineer.

Lenny, I - Surveyor.

Lewis, Benjamin - Engineer.

Lingard, Edmund - Engineer.

Lingard, Thomas - Engineer on the Mersey & Irwell Navigation.

Locke, Joseph - Engineer.

Longbotham, John - Engineer.

Lovibond, Henry - Engineer.

Lowdon, John - Engineer of Snedshill.

Mackell, Robert - Engineer who surveyed the line of a proposed Scottish Canal with James Watt.

Maddicks, Thomas - Engineer.

Manning, Thomas - Engineer.

Marsh, C M - Engineer.

Marsh, Thomas E - Engineer.

Marten, H J - Engineer to the Severn Commission.

Martin, Abinus - Engineer.

Martin, Edward - Engineer.

Masters, Charles H - Surveyor.

Matthews, William Sir, - Engineer.

Maxwell, George - Engineer.

May, John - Engineer.

McNiven, Charles - Surveyor.

Melling, Richard - Surveyor.

Meyer, F J - Engineer.

Milbourn, Isaac - Engineer.

Millar, Archibald - Engineer from Dublin.

Miller, William - Engineer of Preston.

Millington, John - Engineer.

Mitchel, Joshua - Took part in the survey of the River Don in 1722.

Mitchell, James - Built weirs and locks on the Aire.

Moody, Charles - Surveyor.

Moon, Mr, - Engineer who was assistant to Thomas Morris on the Chester Canal in 1775.

Moon, John - Engineer.

Morgan, James - Engineer.

Morris, Thomas, junior - Engineer.

Morris, Thomas, Senior - Engineer.

Muir, Edwin - Engineer.

Murray, James - Surveyor.

Mylne, Robert - Engineer of the New River Company, architect and surveyor.

Needham, John - Engineer.

Newbold, Thomas - Engineer

Nickalls, Joseph - Engineer.

Nicolay, Lt-Col, - Engineer in charge of the Rye to Cliff End section of the Royal Military Canal.

Nightingale, John - Engineer on the Manchester, Bolton & Bury.

Nimmo, Alexander - Engineer.

Oldham, Hugh - Engineer.

Outram, Benjamin - Engineer.

Overton, George - Engineer.

Owen, Richard - Engineer from Flixton near Manchester.

Page, Joseph - Engineer.

Page, Thomas - Engineer.

Palmer, H R - Engineer.

Palmer, William - Engineer.

Parker, Joseph - Clerk of works of the Coventry Canal prior to 1770

Pear, Thomas - Engineer.

Percy, E T - Enginner.

Phillips, Richard - Engineer.

Pickard, Henry - Engineer.

Pinkerton, James - Canal contractor and engineer.

Pitt, William - Engineer.

Plowright, A H - Engineer.

Pontey, William - Engineer of Huddersfield.

Porter, Richard - Engineer.

Porter, Samuel - Engineer from Henley in Arden.

Potter, James - Engineer.

Potter, Peter - Surveyor.

Pownall, Robert - Surveyor.

Price, Edward - Engineer from Govilon.

Price, Henry H - Engineer.

Priddey, John - Engineer.

Provis, Henry - District engineer of the Grand Junction Canal from 1802 to 1816.

Provis, William Alexander - Engineer, surveyor and contractor on various Midlands canals.

Radford, William - Engineer.

Raistrick, John - Engineer.

Ralph, John - Engineer.

Rastrick, John Urpeth - Engineer.

Rayner, Frank - Engineer.

Rendel, James Meadows - Engineer.

Rennie, George - Engineer son of a famous father.

Rennie, John - Engineer born at Phantassie, East Lothian. Died in London.

Rennie, John Sir, - Engineer son of a famous father.

Reynolds, William - Engineer.

Rhodes, Thomas - Engineer.

Richardson, William - Engineer from Dudley.

Roberts, Charles - Engineer.

Robinson, Thomas - Surveyor and engineer.

Robson, Joseph - Engineer.

Rofe, Henry - Engineer.

Rowe, John - Engineer.

Royle, John - Engineer.

Rubie, Edward - Engineer.

Sandeman, J Watt - Engineer.

Sandys, William Sir, - Engineer.

Saner, John Arthur - Engineer of the Weaver Navigation from 1885.

Saxon, W - Engineer.

Scott, Matthias - Engineer.

Scribo, James - Engineer.

Scruton, William - Engineer.

Servant, Daniel - Engineer.

Sharpe, Edmund - Engineer.

Shearn, Thomas - Surveyor.

Sheasby, Thomas, junior - Engineer and contractor.

Sheasby, Thomas, senior - Canal Engineer and Contractor.

Shelton, Samuel - Surveyor.

Sheriff, James - Surveyor.

Sherratt, William - Engineer of the firm Bateman & Sherratt of Salford.

Simcock, Samuel - Engineer, surveyor and one of Brindley's assistants.

Smeaton, John - Engineer.

Smith, George - Surveyor of the Basingstoke Canal.

Smith, James - Engineer of Reading.

Smith, John - Engineer.

Smith, John - Engineer of St Helen's.

Smith, John, junior - Engineer from Attercliffe, Yorkshire, and son of the River Don engineer.

Smith, John, senior - Engineer. Originally a carpenter from Brightside, Sheffield.

Smith, William - Surveyor.

Snape, John - Surveyor.

Sorocold, George - Engineer.

Sowerby, William - Engineer.

Squires, John - Engineer.

Stanley, Walmsley - Engineer.

Stansfeld, A W - Engineer.

Staveley, Christopher, junior - Engineer.

Staveley, Christopher, Senior - Engineer.

Staveley, Edward - Engineer.

Steers, Thomas - An army officer from Kent. Surveyor and engineer of the Mersey & Irwell.

Stephenson, George - The famous railway engineer.

Stephenson, Robert - Railway engineer.

Stevenson, Robert - Engineer.

Stickney, Robert - Engineer.

Stratford, Ferdinando - Engineer from Gloucester.

Stratford, William - Engineer.

Surbey, Thomas - Engineer.

Sutcliffe, John - A north-country engineer.

Sutherland, Alexander - Engineer.

Swansborough, William - Engineer.

Swinden, John - Surveyor.

Taverner, E G - Engineer to the Welland Catchment Board.

Taylor, Henry - Engineer.

Taylor, John - Engineer and manager of the Wheal Friendship copper mine.

Taylor, Joseph - Engineer.

Taylor, William - Surveyor.

Telford, Thomas - Engineer.

Thackray, Mr, - Engineer.

Thomas, Alfred - Surveyor with the Kidwelly & Llanelly Canal company.

Thomas, B J - Engineer.

Thomas, Gordon Cale - Grand Junction Canal engineer and designer of the Foxton inclined plane.

Thomas, Hurbert - Engineer of the Grand Junction Canal from 1864 until 1891.

Thompson, John - Engineer from Sheffield.

Thompson, William, junior - Engineer son of the Grand Junction Canal's northern district engineer.

Thompson, William, senior - Engineer.

Thomson, James - Engineer.

Timmins, Benjamin - Engineer.

Timperley, John - Resident engineer of the Aire & Calder Navigation.

Tolfield, Thomas - Engineer.

Townshend, Benjamin - Engineer.

Townshend, Thomas - Engineer.

Tozer, Mr, - Surveyor.

Trail, John Sir, - Engineer.

Trevithick, Richard - Engineer best known for his steam engines.

Trew, John - Engineer of the Exeter Canal from 1563. From Glamorgan.

Trubshaw, Charles - Engineer.

Turner, Joseph - Engineer.

Turner, William - A Warrington architect who produced a route for the Ellesmere Canal in 1791.

Turpin, John - Engineer from Wisbech.

Underhill, William - Engineer.

Upton, John - Engineer.

Upton, May - Engineer.

Utting, Mr, - Engineer.

Varley, John - Engineer.

Vazie, Robert - Engineer.

Vermuyden, Cornelius Sir, - Engineer.

Vernon-Harcourt, L F - Engineer and author of "A Treatise on Rivers and Canals" (1882).

Vignoles, Charles - Engineer.

Walker, James - Engineer who reported on the Calidonian Canal in 1839.

Walker, Michael - Surveyor,

Walker, Ralph - Canal and railway engineer.

Walker, W - Engineer.

Walker, William - Engineer.

Watt, James - Engineer.

Webb, Francis W - Mecanical engineer for the London & North Western Railway (L.N.W.R).

Wedge, Charles - Surveyor.

Weldon, Robert - Engineer.

Wells, L B - Engineer.

Wells, William - Engineer.

Welsh, Edward - Engineer.

West, Thomas - Engineer.

Weston, Samuel - Contractor, surveyor and engineer working between 1768 and 1804.

Wharton, Mr, - Engineer of the Manchester & Salford Waterworks company.

White, R H - Engineer of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

White, William - Surveyor.

Whitewood, Issac - Engineer.

Whitmore, William - Engineer.

Whittenbury, William - A carpeter of Hertford and later the surveyor of the River Lee.

Whitworth, Robert - Canal engineer at one time assistant to James Brindley.

Whitworth, Robert, junior - Engineer.

Whitworth, William - Engineer.

Williams, Edward Leader Sir, - Advised that the Manchester Ship Canal should be a non-tidal waterway.

Williams, Edward Leader senior - Engineer to the Severn Commissioners.

Williams, Henry - Shropshire canal surveyor active from about 1788 until 1839.

Williams, John - Engineer.

Williams, Philip - Engineer and a one time Agent for the Brecknock & Abergavenny Canal Company.

Wilson, J W - Engineer.

Witton, Philip Henry - Engineer.

Wood, Frederick - Engineer.

Wood, John - Engineer.

Wood, Thomas - Engineer.

Woodhouse, John - Engineer from Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, 1 mile southwest of Nuneaton.

Wright, Elias - Engineer.

Wright, John R - Surveyor.

Wylde, Samuel - Engineer of the Bridgewater Canal company.

Wyman, Mr, - Engineer of Higham Ferrers.

Yarranton, Andrew - Engineer.

Yarranton, Robert - Engineer.

Yeoman, Thomas - One of the earliest civil engineers.

Young, George - Surveyor from Worcester.


Jim Shead Waterways Photographer & Writer
Text and photographs copyright of Jim Shead.
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