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Aardvarks & Maffi's Boat: Maffi says "I sold my house to buy a narrowboat. Life for me now is just a peaceful cruise down the canal. No stress, no worries and most important no work".
Aqua Narrowboat Hire - Canal Boat Build: The build and fitout of Aqua Narrowboat Hire's second hire narrowboat. Colecraft Shell and fitout by Aqua Narrowboat Hire.
AREandARE narrowboat blog: Barry and Sandra from New Zealand, of the 2009 & 2010 travels and adventures aboard NB Northern Pride on Britain's waterways - to the stories of their return journey in March 2013, and purchase of 'AREandARE, to live on 'indefinitely' from 11th April 2013
Blackbird singing: Diary of a drifter, afloat on the canals and rivers of Britain
Boats and Cruising: A blog of events leading to a new life afloat.
Boatwoman's Space: A Wannabe Liveaboard's Journey
Captain Ahab's Watery Tales: Journeys of nb Wand'ring Bark along the canals and rivers of England and Wales.
Enigma cruising on: A blog of a narrowboat that had its maiden voyage in 2005.
Gecko's Progress: This blog chronicles the ramblings of the nb Gecko and its crew - Margaret & Peter - after moving from a house in Bucks onto the boat.
Granny Buttons: Log of the narrowboat Granny Buttons on the canals of England, and reflections on inland waterways by Andrew Denny.
Huddersfield Narrow CanalCam Blog: The title says it all.
In the boatshed: A weblog about classic traditional wooden boats,yachts and canoes; boatbuilding and restoration, and paddling, rowing and sailing.
Jameisons Afloat: In 2006 we purchased our brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.
Jannock Weblog: Jannock is a family owned narrowboat based on the Grand Union canal, at Bourne End.
John & Cathy - Having a narrowboat built.: A record of the building and fitout of NB Marmaduke, plus the subsequent journeys on the Inland waterways.
The Khayamanzi Narrowboat Weblog: Andy Edwards' exploits of life afloat and travels around the British inland waterways aboard his floating home Khayamanzi
Liam's Boating Website: Log, Gallery and other pages.
Living the Dream: Life Aboard Narrowboat Lois Jane
Matt's Self Build Narrowboat: Matt's self build blog of his self build Narrowboat project.
Me and my Narrowboat: The personal blog of JayTee and his life on, and around his narrowboat "Cosmos.
Moore 2 Life: The blog of Ann and Chas who have been living on a narrowboat and enjoying travelling the canals since 2000.
My Narrow Boat Adventure: A blog on life with a 70' Narrowboat and friends
Narrow Boat Albert: Web log of Steve & Maggie Parkin's 60 ft narrowboat based on the Grand Union Canal in Northamptonshire
Narrowboat Alacrity: Life On and Off the Waterways.
Narrowboat Bones: A narrowboats journey through repair, cruising, and other joys of the english waterways.
Narrowboat Caxton: Lesley and Joe are another pair of early retirees that have had built our very own narrowboat, Caxton.
Narrowboat Debdale: Debdale is a 58 foot semi-trad OwnerShips narrowboat based at Stockton Top Marina in Warwickshire.
Narrowboat Gypsy Rover Weblog: A middle aged couple from Lower Hutt, New Zealand, have been the cruising the inland waterways of Britain since October 2006 and plan to do so for the following 3 or 4 years.
Narrowboat Hadar: A blog of the building of our Narrowboat Hadar by Roger Fuller Five Towns Boat Building.
Narrowboat Journal: The blog of Narrowboat Balmaha
Narrowboat Just Heaven: The Waterways Wanderings of Narrowboat “Just Heaven”
Narrowboat Lucky Duck: James and Amy are two recent graduates from Cambridge in History and Architecture who are in the process of realising a shared dream - to live afloat in a narrowboat on the River Cam.
Narrowboat Lyra: Lyra's Travels -The tales of our final voyage, no matter how long it takes.
Narrowboat Mr David: Brenda and David Scowcroft live on Narrowboat Mr David and travel the waterways for most of the year.
Narrowboat Muriel: From hirers to owners and beyond
Narrowboat Qisma: The journeys of the 58 foot narrowboat Qisma and its crew - Alistair, Jan and Josh, their Labradoodle dog.
NarrowBoat Quidditch: A blog of a 58' Semi-Traditional Live-Aboard Narrowboat commissioned in June 2004.
Narrowboat Tortoise: An account of voyages.
Narrowboat Tug Lyra: The blog of build of Narrowboat Tug Lyra. From May to January 2006. Lyra is 57 ft in length with a displacement of 19 tons and a draft of 28 inches. The steelwork is by Jonathan Wilson and fit out by Dursley and Hurst.
National 3D Rebuild: The progress of a 'National D3' engine rebuild and marinise to put in a 62 foot narrowboat (yet to be built).
NB Bendigedig: A blog about life as narrowboat liveaboards on the inland waterways of Britain.
NB The Puzzler: The Puzzler transported to Ireland in April 2011, with the intention of spending the next two years cruising extensively over there.
Nick's Narrowboat life: Nick Bolton's log of living aboard narrowboat "Millie" on the canals and rivers of England and Wales
Ninereeds: The blog of Sal, David and Lai-lu the cat as they move from house to narrowboat.
Norman 23 'Henry': A blog about a Norman 23 based on the Lancaster Canal.
Oakley: A record of the restoration of narrowboat Oakley, a big Northwich of the Town class of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Ltd
Petroc's Perambulations: Petroc was built by Darren Aldridge Boats of Braunston. She has been cruising throughout the summer since 2007.
Retirement with No Problem: The log of the narrowboat 'No Problem' the home of retired couple Sue and Vic.
Richlow Info: Publishers of guides to UK inland waterways.
Travels in Narrow Boat Lily Pad: Reports of cruising life afloat around the Inland Waterways of the UK in the narowboat Lily Pad
Travels on Narrow Boat Tranquility: The log of the share boat Tranquility.
Trevor and Bill's Adventures Aboard Nb Beau:
UK Canals - Journey reports: A blog of experiences aboard NB Nuggler

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Jim Shead Waterways Photographer & Writer
Text and photographs copyright of Jim Shead.
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