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James Chuter Ede (Lord Chuter-Ede of Epson) 1882 - 11 November 1965

Labour Politician born in Epsom, Surrey, and was a Mayor and Freeman of the Borough. He was South Shields' first Labour MP and Home Secretary 1945-51. He was one of the few MPs at that time to have his own boat, Brown Duck, on the Inland Waterways. Was made Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association in 1955.

L A Edwards

Known as Teddy Edwards. He was an early member of the Inland Waterways Association (number 14) and its second secretary (from 1950). Author of Inland Waterways of Great Britian. Vice-President of the IWA from 1993.

Gerald Alexander Ellison 1910 - 1992

The Right Honourable Gerald A Ellison, Bishop of Chester then Bishop of London from 1973 to 1981. Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association from 1975.

R J Evans (1909 - 15th July 1958)

He was appointed as the first salaried general secretary of the Inland Waterways Association in 1952. He ceased this work in 1956 due to ill health.

Frank Eyre (1910 - 1988)

Co-author of "English Rivers and Canals" with Charles Hadfield. He had also written "The Fire Service Today" with Hadfield. On 15 February 1946 at the first meeting of the Inland Waterways Association at Gower Street he was appointed as Treasurer but departed for Australia later in the year.


John C Fletcher

National Chairman of The Inland Waterways Association since November 2002.

Member of IWA since 1975 and now a life member. Active involvement with the Association developed from Manchester Branch committee membership (early 1980's) and as a Site and Services Manager at the 1988 National Festival. Subsequently held a number of branch roles before becoming branch Chairman. In January 1998 became North West Region Chairman and consequently a member of Council and of the then Navigation Technical and Amenity Committee. Within a year added Finance and General Purposes Committee responsibilities and was elected to Management Committee. In November 2001 was elected a Deputy National Chairman.

Member of many restoration societies, has been active in the governance of a few, and represented IWA on a number including the Appeal for Anderton Boat Lift. Actively participates in meetings of both the Northern and Southern Canals Associations. Trustee (in a personal capacity) of The Waterways Trust since August 2000.

With wife, Margaret, is a boat owner, towing path walker, and has an especial interest in the built heritage. Photographing, talking and writing about waterways, has been a large part of his waterway involvement. Collector and reader of waterway books.

Edward Fowler

A solicitor and member of the Inland Waterways Association Council. In the autumn of 1957 Ted Fowler became Chairman of the IWA - a post that had been vacant for five years. He resigned shortly afterwards following the rejection of his plans to turn the IWA into a limited company.


Kenneth Goodwin died 7 February 1994

Honourary treasurer of the Inland Waterways Association from 1973 to 1982 and Chairman from 1982 until 1989. He was later elected Vice-President.

Sir Robert Grant-Ferris 30 December 1907 - 1 January 1997

He was a noted pilot in the Royal Air Force, and one time Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons. Robert Grant Ferris, M.P., was knighted in 1969 and in 1974 was created a life peer as Lord Harvington of Nantwich in Cheshire. He was elected Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association in 1966 and was chairman of the original All-party Waterways Committee.

Christopher Grundy born 1927

Also known as Crick. With his family an early pleasure boater and activist for the Inland Waterways Association. He took part in many IWA campaigns including a trip through Dudley Tunnel in a very small boat to prove the tunnel was not blocked as was claimed. Son of Reginald Grundy and brother of Martin Grundy.

Martin Grundy born 1928

A retired District Judge and Recorder. With his family an early pleasure boater and activist for the Inland Waterways Association. He went with his family in their cruiser Heron with Tom Rolt to Llangollen in 1949. In 1950 he made the trip across the Mersey with Aickman in Peter Scotts narrowboat Beatrice. He was made IWA Vice-President in 2001. Son of Reginald Grundy and brother of Christopher Grundy.


Charles Hadfield (5 August 1909 - 6 August 1996)

Born in South Africa he is best remembered as a canal historian and author. In May 1945 he (like Robert Aickman) wrote a letter to LTC Rolt suggesting that the forming of some sort of society to encourage interest in waterways. In February 1946 he was elected Vice-chairman of the newly formed Inland Waterways Association (IWA) although he only held the post until September when he resigned to take up a top job in the Centra Office of Information. As a senior Civil Servant he felt that he could not continue as an officer of a 'campaigning' organisation but it was known that he and Aickman could not work together. In June 1951 he was expelled from membership of the IWA with Rolt and the other dissidents as they had not replied to a letter to appeal against the decision. Hadfield was in South Africa at the time and did not know what was happening.

His first published book was English Rivers and Canals a 48 page volume in the Britain in Pictures series written with Frank Eyre. In 1950 his classic work British Canals published by Phoenix House. Over the succeeding years he worked on the Canals of the British Isles as both author and publisher.

In 1954 He suggested that "Canal" should be added to the name of the proposed "Railway History Society" and thus on 4 September became a founder member of the new "Railway & Canal Historical Society". On the 1 April 1960 he founded David & Charles (Publishers) Ltd with David St John Thomas. He was appointed to the new British Waterways Board in 1963 leaving in 1967.

In 1971 the IWA invited him to rejoin and from 1983 to his death in 1996 he was one of their Vice-Presidents.

Illtyd Harrington

Former deputy chairman of the Greater London Council with an interest in waterways dating back to the 1960s. He was at one time Chairman of the Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council (IWAAC) and a member of the British Waterways Board, both appointments ending in 1971, following a change of Government. Elected Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association in 1993

John C Heap

Vice-Chairman and Honourary treasurer of the Inland Waterways Association from 1971 to 1972 and Chairman between 1973 and 1981. Vice-President from 1983.

Sir Mark Henig

Sir Mark Henig was the Lord Mayor of Leicester at the time the IWA National Rally was held there and from 1975 to 1979 was Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association.

He was Chairman of the England Tourist Board in the 1970s.

Sir Alan Patrick Herbert (1890 - 1971)

Alan Patrick Herbert was born in Elstead, Surrey. He studied law at Oxford University before serveing in the Royal Navy during the First World War. After the war he published the novel The Secret Battle (1919). In 1924 Herbert joined Punch Magazine and two years later had his first theatrical success with the production of Riverside Nights. He also wrote the lyrics for Tantivy Towers (1930) and Helen (1932) and published the novels The Water Gipsies (1930) set on River Thames and the Grand Union Canal. In 1935 he published Holy Deadlock and What a Word.

Herbert became the Independent MP for Oxford University in 1935. A campaigner for reform of the marriage and divorce laws, played an important role in the passing of the Matrimonial Causes Act in 1938. He was also a strong supporter of Neville Chamberlain and his Appeasement Policy.

Herbert retired from the House of Commons in 1950. Other books by Herbert included two volumes of autobiography, Independent Member (1950) and My Life and Times (1970). He became the President of the Inland Waterways Association early in 1947. His other waterways books are No Boats on the River (1932) and The Thames (1966).

E L Hill

Appointed Honourary Treasurer of the Inland Waterways Association in 1973.

David Hilling MsC, PhD

He was born in Tredegar, South Wales, and received an Honours degree in geography from the University of Wales at Aberystwyth, He was a geography lecture and later senior geography lecturer at various universities. Former Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association's Inland Shipping Group and author of Barge Carrier Systems - Inventory and Prospects. He was awarded the Vivian Bulkeley Johnson Salt in 1978 for his work and support for IWA Inland Shipping Group and became ISG Chairman in 1980. Appointed Vice-President of the IWA in 2001.

Tony Hirst

Formerly Director of the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port. Appointed Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association in 2001.

James Hoseason

Elected Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association in 1996. He and his family were best known as holiday boat hire agents. The family business, founded in 1944 by James' father, has now been sold.

Elizabeth Jane Howard born 1923

Author and well known literary figure. In 1942 she married her first husband Peter Scott. They divorced in 1951 and in 1965 she married her third husband Kingsley Amis. For a short time she played a significant part in the forming of the Inland Waterways Association and accompanied Robert Aickman on cruises as well as colaborating with him on We Are for the Dark: Six Ghost Stories (1951).

John A C Humphries

Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association from 1970 until early 1972 when he resigned to take up the post of advisor to the Ministry of the Environment on canal matters. Vice-President from 1973.

David Hutchings died 23rd April 2005

In 1969 the Inland Waterways Association awarded him the Cyril Styring Trophy for his work on the restoration of the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal and the Upper Avon. He was elected Vice-President of the IWA in 1998.



Arthur Jones

Member of Parliament and Vice-President of the Inland Waterways Association from 1975 to 1993


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